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The MPA Action Agenda 'push projects' are national and regional smaller-scale projects of WWF and partner NGOs with a high probability of success to help build momentum for the global movement towards MPAs. More than ten projects are implemented in nine different countries so far. On the web page you find more information about the thematic focus of the push projects, an overview of all projects worldwide and more detailed information on each push project.

The MPA Action Group is coalition made up of international NGOs and Foundations to strengthen civil society’s push for MPA implementation and facilitates collaborative approaches in global ocean advocacy, including advocacy efforts within the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On the web page you find an overview of the main achievements of the group. For more information please contact Malou van Kempen

Ocean Witness is the newest element of the MPA Action Agenda with a focus on campaigning amongst both policy makers and the wider public. Ocean Witness is a collection of almost 40 real stories told by real people: the Ocean Witnesses. These are women and men that are (fully) dedicated to the preservation of oceans. They’ve shared their witness story on changes in their environment and tell you how they are contributing to a better future for our oceans, each with their own solution.