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Introduction push projects

With the push projects small scale funding is provided for projects that primarily address local and regional bottlenecks for the establishment and effective management of MPAs (namely significant technical or political barriers that impede the declaration or creation of MPAs). The results and outcomes of the projects are highly visible and demonstrate the measurable benefits of MPAs, in particular for food security and livelihoods of coastal communities. Push projects have also helped communities and management authorities develop long-term sustainable financing mechanisms. The map below shows the geographical location of all the push projects and more background detailed background information on each of them. A push project is not a stand-alone project, but relates to a larger strategic marine programme and has a relative short timeline (maximum 1 year) and limited budget (EUR 10,000-20,000).  

All push projects


Call for applications closed

The call for applications for 2018 has closed. We would like to thank everybody for sending in your proposals, you will hear back from us after assessment of the submitted proposals. The next call for applications for push project funding will open in 2019. For any questions related to the push project funding, please contact the manager of the MPA Action Agenda, Carol Phua (